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Bringing traditional tradesman back to roofing

A Licensed Roofing Contractor With Years of Experience

D & I Roofing is striving to become the leading Roofing Contractor in historical roofing. As a fully-certified professional, I’m ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure my clients are completely satisfied with my work.

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Shingle roofs

Shingle roofs are the most common roofs to install, but 90 percent of contractors still tend to install it wrong. The lack of knowledge has destroyed our industry over years through the hiring of sub-contractors that are not properly trained or held accountable for their work. because of this, shingle roofs commonly fail 10-15 years before the manufactures expectations. Common mistakes made by other contractors include over or undriven nails, nails not being placed in the correct areas, and poor ventilation.

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Slate roofs

Slate roofs are a thing of beauty and can be a true work of art; however, these roofs must be installed, repaired, and maintained by a trained professional. If you are fortunate enough to be a owner of a slate roof, be sure to maintain it just like you would any of your other valuable possessions. Slate requires proactive maintenance to ensure the integrity and maximum lifespan of the roof. The lifespan of the average slate roof, depending on what type, will last over 100 years plus.

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Clay tiles

Clay tiles roof comes in many styles and are one of the most difficult roofs to repair/ install and require a highly skilled professional to execute the job properly. These roofs have a lifespan of over 200 years and will even outlast slate roofs. If not properly installed and maintained, this particular roofing choice could end up costing you a fortune in the long run.

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